Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It runs even better

Got the new VW carburettor in the post this morning. Less than 2 days to come down from QLD.

This afternoon Dad and I fitted the new carb on the engine, reset the timing, fired it up and fine tuned the idle. It runs so well now, no flat spots. We also changed the oil  after some running to flush out the system after sitting for so long.

Next job is to re-adjust the tappets and confirm the timing. Then it can go back in the frame. Just not this weekend. We will be working to get Dads M19 Fairmont back together. It went in for a mechanical overhaul 7 years ago and only now ready to be re-assembled.

The M19 delivered in 2005

I bought the M19 for a Fathers day present in 2005.

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