Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some motion pictures

Here are a few videos I took, over the last weekend in Crookwell...


Friday, September 21, 2012

The butt kicking continued...

...thankfully not for much longer.

Last Friday evening 526 was loaded ready for an early departure to Crookwell on Saturday morning. Having not towed a trike for some time I had forgotten how heavy they drag from weight and wind. None the less, Dad and I arrived safely and on time.

We unloaded 526 onto Crookwell goods siding. The area has the earth level with the head of the rail to load and unload trikes. Started the trike, we all got on, moved half an inch...SNAP! there goes the throttle cable. For 3 weeks I have been wrestling with 526's problems, it seemed it didn't want be repaired. It didn't help either when we found out that the key for the 'C' frame has been lost and we couldn't get 526 out of the siding. A trip to a hardware shop to get yet another soldering iron, solder and some cleaning fluid to solder the end back on the cable.  

Despite the hassles, hold ups and money poured into 526 recently, once it was back on the rails for the next 2 and half days it ran perfectly. The induction weekend was a success with 526 passing it's inspection and issued a certificate of accreditation to operate within the GCHR.

I also got to catch up with a friend, Allan Robinson. He was the one that organised 526 to be sold to my uncle back in 1988. I learnt that 526 was used on the Mudgee branch and stationed at Kandos. Wickhams on that branch were in numerical order. Kandos had 526, Rylstone had 527, Lue had 528 and Mudgee had 529. I have 529's way and works plate.

526 at the Crookwell Railway Station

The 'Works' convoy ready to head out for track repairs on Sunday 16th

Wickham twins 526 and 617 together again. 617 was mine, I sold it in 2010

526 requires a couple more tweaks. A new throttle cable to be fitted and replace the ignition coil resistor. Other than that it's ready for anything...I hope ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The high's and low's

It's done, finally Wickham 526 is in one piece and running. The rebuilt engine works a treat, the new exhaust is quiet, the clutch operates as it should, the new wheel bearing are aligned and smooth.

It's all good except for that front axle... It's bent...(insert Lucile Ball Whaaaaaaa here).

 Even this has an upside though, I've become very proficient in removing and replacing the axle. The hardest part is up-ending the trike so the skid rails can be removed.

The bend is very slight and was not picked up until the trike was jacked up so the wheels could spin while the gearbox was tested. A number of solution are being weighed up, fixing the original axle, having this axle straightened or source another axle. The latter is a long shot given that type 4 Wickhams and parts seem to be very rare in the market place.

Speaking of the market place, an SIC went off on eBay recently. I was surprised at what it went for given it's condition. However it a promising sign that there is still interest in the hobby.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this weekend in Crookwell, 526 is going to get real workout.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yep, they are different

Not all Wickham rail cars are created equal.

The gear box is back in pieces and now the front axle has to come back out and have all the shiny new paint damaged. The axle bearings need to be removed to replace a crown wheel for the forward gear.

Over the vehicles life in the type 4 Wickhams had design changes with the gearbox, only slight ones, but enough to to make parts incompatible. In my case the pinion gear does not mesh with one of the crown wheels in the gearbox. The crown wheels gears are a tad deeper than the other one. This caused the axle to bind when the gearbox was tightened up on the axle.

I'm now back to where I was 2 weeks ago. Yippee!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Solid progress at last

To catch up on progress of the repairs to Wickham 526 see my other blog Lines near the Lachlan

The worn axle problem was another axle. The 545 project is on indefinite hold (545 is another type 4 Wickham) and so has provided many parts to 526. The rear axle was worn as well but it was solved by pinning the axle and using Loctite 603 retaining compound. The axle boxes also needed Loctite to hold the outer bearing race.

The replacement axle having the crown gears, gearbox bearing and seal fitted

The front axle boxes cleaned up and associated parts.
The metal rings in the foreground are the bearing spacers that I had made up.

The front axle is now assembled and test fitted. The rear one just needs packing with grease and test fitting before both are ready for painting.`

The test fitting of the front axle 

All while this is going on, it was noticed that some gears in the gearbox were missing a couple of teeth, a result of metal fatigue. Once again the other wickham came to the rescue providing serviceable gears that look to have done very little work. I also took the opportunity to replace the bearings.

A little chip in the smaller gear

This is the driven gear for low speed.

The local muffler shop bent up a new exhaust system. It wasn't a necessity to replace the original but it something that won't have to worry about later on.

New muffler with the tail pipe already welding in.

What dad calls the 'trombone'. The exhaust pipe that runs from the engine to the muffler that is located under the right running board

It is important to finish 526 in six days ready for running trials in Crookwell to see if all the work has made improvements. The 15th and 16th September is an induction day at the Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway for trike operators. Member will have their trikes check over and tested for operator competency.

Dad and I attended the first induction meeting of the Motor Car Consortium Limited (MCCL) on the 1st and 2nd September. It was great to meet several members and put faces to the names. The Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park and Railway hosted the group for the weekend with the meeting held in the Eskbank Railway Station and later were given a tour of the State Mine complex including the commercial operations. The MCCL is is well advanced in to gaining accreditation to operate in NSW. For more information contact the consortium through their website.

MCCL CEO Nic Doncaster runs through what is required for motor car accreditation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Blog

Hi Everyone

NSWGR Trikes joins the blogging community. This is to separate my interests of HO model railway and New South Wales perway vehicles, commonly called trikes, section cars, trolleys, rail motor cars.

Lines near the Lachlan has already some entries about my trikes. Have a squiz to catch up on what I'm up to.