Friday, September 21, 2012

The butt kicking continued...

...thankfully not for much longer.

Last Friday evening 526 was loaded ready for an early departure to Crookwell on Saturday morning. Having not towed a trike for some time I had forgotten how heavy they drag from weight and wind. None the less, Dad and I arrived safely and on time.

We unloaded 526 onto Crookwell goods siding. The area has the earth level with the head of the rail to load and unload trikes. Started the trike, we all got on, moved half an inch...SNAP! there goes the throttle cable. For 3 weeks I have been wrestling with 526's problems, it seemed it didn't want be repaired. It didn't help either when we found out that the key for the 'C' frame has been lost and we couldn't get 526 out of the siding. A trip to a hardware shop to get yet another soldering iron, solder and some cleaning fluid to solder the end back on the cable.  

Despite the hassles, hold ups and money poured into 526 recently, once it was back on the rails for the next 2 and half days it ran perfectly. The induction weekend was a success with 526 passing it's inspection and issued a certificate of accreditation to operate within the GCHR.

I also got to catch up with a friend, Allan Robinson. He was the one that organised 526 to be sold to my uncle back in 1988. I learnt that 526 was used on the Mudgee branch and stationed at Kandos. Wickhams on that branch were in numerical order. Kandos had 526, Rylstone had 527, Lue had 528 and Mudgee had 529. I have 529's way and works plate.

526 at the Crookwell Railway Station

The 'Works' convoy ready to head out for track repairs on Sunday 16th

Wickham twins 526 and 617 together again. 617 was mine, I sold it in 2010

526 requires a couple more tweaks. A new throttle cable to be fitted and replace the ignition coil resistor. Other than that it's ready for anything...I hope ;)

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