Thursday, September 13, 2012

The high's and low's

It's done, finally Wickham 526 is in one piece and running. The rebuilt engine works a treat, the new exhaust is quiet, the clutch operates as it should, the new wheel bearing are aligned and smooth.

It's all good except for that front axle... It's bent...(insert Lucile Ball Whaaaaaaa here).

 Even this has an upside though, I've become very proficient in removing and replacing the axle. The hardest part is up-ending the trike so the skid rails can be removed.

The bend is very slight and was not picked up until the trike was jacked up so the wheels could spin while the gearbox was tested. A number of solution are being weighed up, fixing the original axle, having this axle straightened or source another axle. The latter is a long shot given that type 4 Wickhams and parts seem to be very rare in the market place.

Speaking of the market place, an SIC went off on eBay recently. I was surprised at what it went for given it's condition. However it a promising sign that there is still interest in the hobby.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this weekend in Crookwell, 526 is going to get real workout.

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