Saturday, September 8, 2012

Solid progress at last

To catch up on progress of the repairs to Wickham 526 see my other blog Lines near the Lachlan

The worn axle problem was another axle. The 545 project is on indefinite hold (545 is another type 4 Wickham) and so has provided many parts to 526. The rear axle was worn as well but it was solved by pinning the axle and using Loctite 603 retaining compound. The axle boxes also needed Loctite to hold the outer bearing race.

The replacement axle having the crown gears, gearbox bearing and seal fitted

The front axle boxes cleaned up and associated parts.
The metal rings in the foreground are the bearing spacers that I had made up.

The front axle is now assembled and test fitted. The rear one just needs packing with grease and test fitting before both are ready for painting.`

The test fitting of the front axle 

All while this is going on, it was noticed that some gears in the gearbox were missing a couple of teeth, a result of metal fatigue. Once again the other wickham came to the rescue providing serviceable gears that look to have done very little work. I also took the opportunity to replace the bearings.

A little chip in the smaller gear

This is the driven gear for low speed.

The local muffler shop bent up a new exhaust system. It wasn't a necessity to replace the original but it something that won't have to worry about later on.

New muffler with the tail pipe already welding in.

What dad calls the 'trombone'. The exhaust pipe that runs from the engine to the muffler that is located under the right running board

It is important to finish 526 in six days ready for running trials in Crookwell to see if all the work has made improvements. The 15th and 16th September is an induction day at the Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway for trike operators. Member will have their trikes check over and tested for operator competency.

Dad and I attended the first induction meeting of the Motor Car Consortium Limited (MCCL) on the 1st and 2nd September. It was great to meet several members and put faces to the names. The Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park and Railway hosted the group for the weekend with the meeting held in the Eskbank Railway Station and later were given a tour of the State Mine complex including the commercial operations. The MCCL is is well advanced in to gaining accreditation to operate in NSW. For more information contact the consortium through their website.

MCCL CEO Nic Doncaster runs through what is required for motor car accreditation.

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  1. Great to see the progress of your car, Good to see Nic still gets around. He was instrumental in us Qlders running section cars. I look forward to following. Darren