Sunday, June 23, 2013

Assembly begins

Assembly of the VW has commenced.

The engine is back in the frame with just a little trouble with the hardwood mounting blocks. When I made the blocks I should have used the engine mounting wings for the bolt spacing instead of the chassis. After a little fiddling it all came together.

When the VW was built, the workshop angled the engine forward to compensate for the short cardan shaft. As a result the inlet manifold was bent rearward, this was done to keep the carb level.  During the assembly of the engine with the new, fatter alternator, the carburettor didn't fit. A spacer was made up to raise the height of the carb so the crank for the throttle pump would clear the alternator. After refitting the engine to the chassis this new spacer amplified the angle of the manifold (confused yet?). In short we had to pie-slice the spacer we made to level the new carburettor.

The rear axle was also re installed with all new bearings and seals.

The engine was dragged under the chassis then lifted into position
The new bearing and seals fitted the axle boxes
The fitted rear axle

If you look closely, you will see the carburettor spacer bolted on the inlet manifold and the cut made to it

Looking from the rear the engine is all fitted

 Jobs from here are re installing the front axle, fitting the hub and wheels, gauge and align said wheels. Then the gearbox can be refitted. With any luck in the next 2 weeks it will be a rolling chassis again.
Lastly. Dads Fairmont runs like clockwork during a brief track test last weekend.

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