Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just some photos

Front axle refitted. Awaiting the gearbox that is ready for painting

New brake shoes. These are Fairmont shoes. Hardwood brake mounting blocks are being made as the originals are rotten.

The 4 wheel hubs ready for a coat of black. Some of the brake rods are hanging up out of frame ready for paint aswell

More stuff ready for painting

One of the better scores from the VW are the new Tamper (Fairmont) 16" wheels. Other than some light pitting from sitting in the dirt, these are in great condition.

The front left mounting just for fun
This weekend the paint will fly, left for a week and then assembled on the trike. Being realistic the body work could be started mid July. Still a lot of work ahead but it's encouraging to see it come together.

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