Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down and dirty

Several days with angle grinder and bench grinder, both fitted with a wire wheel and most of everything that will be reused is all clean. The shed looks like a disaster zone with dust and paint flakes everywhere.

The frame was also flipped up the right way and painted. Left it to dry for a few days, now it's wrapped in plastic to mask off the hand rails. These are going to be black along with the foot steps.

The engine tins got a lick of paint and now ready to be assembled on the engine this weekend. By the end the engine should be finished and be put aside until it's ready to be placed back in the frame.

A great debate arose whether the axle boxes should be painted or left in their natural steel look. in the end they were painted. I have a seen other jobs were they have not been painted and while it does give a more machine appearance it sort of looked only half finished. A lot of work has gone into the VW to make it look special and it is being done up not just mechanically but it will be a show piece.

Next week it is back to work with my day job. It's hoped to get the painting done before them. So far it's looking good. Phase 3 of this project will commence, in the form of late nights assembling the whole thing. No where near the home stretch just yet but over the last two weeks it is progressed in leaps and bounds.

Engine tin ware

Some of the cleaned components

Brake rods

Axle boxes

Hubs, Sweeps, stays, many cleaned parts

Painted frame

Frame masked for painting the hand rails and foot steps
Dad on the wire wheel

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