Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You win some and lose some

I shouldn't have celebrated so much about the Wickham. Last week end it failed again, this time the rear axle has slipped through the bearing and as a result the left rear wheel is rubbing on the chassis. The fix is simple but for the time being it has been put away until the VW is further along. Sort of glad these thing show up in testing, on longer runs it would be disastrous.

526 pauses in the Crookwell yard.

On the brighter side, after a small delay, paint has begun to fly on the VW project. I couldn't be happier about the colour choice, a nice deep but bright red. Norglass Fleet Red to be exact. It's a marine grade enamel made in Sydney NSW.  So far the underside of the frame, axles, brake handle, skid rails and axle carriers are painted. I still have a lot of paint stripping to go and many brake linkages to remake.

Dad put the heads back on the engine and adjusted the tappets. The tin cowlings will be cleaned up and painted in the next couple of days, then the rest of the engine can be reassembled.

The frame and axles in the makeshift spray booth

Oh yeah, the trike trailer got a make over a couple of weeks ago. New, longer A frame, new springs, Ford hubs and tyres. It has made it more stable on the road.

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