Sunday, April 7, 2013

Things are starting to click now

Over Easter the Wickham was given a thorough shake down after it's engine rebuilt.

I can happily report...Yippee, hooray, oh yeah, It went well. From the time it rolled off the trailer and back on 4 days later it never missed a beat, nothing broke, nothing fell off. The car is now tucked back into bed and there is nothing more to do. What a great feeling after the last 10 months of on and off work and an empty wallet. The biggest difference is how smooth it is in ride and power. No revving the engine to get it moving. Crack the throttle and squeeze on the clutch and off you go. 

It has been 25 years this month since I first got to drive 526, from Cowra to Carcoar. Back then it was just a coat of paint otherwise it was as is from State Rail.  A nice little anniversary to have it fully restored. It is a shame that 526 can't run on the straight rails of the Cowra-Blayney line. I would love to hear it sing again.

This weekend more was done to the VW. The battery cradle was resized and the corroded part of a hand rail was cut out and replaced. The paint is on order and should be here on Tuesday. The (and I use the term loosely) "paint booth" has been set up.

"Paint Booth"


  1. Great to hear your car went well. At the time it seems like extra effort but well worth it when you are out on track. Enjoy the experience!! Darren