Sunday, March 24, 2013

Productive Weekend

The VW heads are back and looking very schmick and got 526's cylinder bore back as well.

The last 2 days Dad and I reassembled 526's primary Wisconsin engine and swapped it back in. Good thing too as the back up engine suffered a blown head gasket. The carburettor also got overhauled, surprisingly enough genuine carby kits are still available for the L106 Walbro. Anyway, this now marks the last of the mechanical work on the Wickham. Everything thing has been either restored, remade or replaced.

We also fitted a UHF radio for use with the Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway. It is a commercial radio with GCHR having it's own repeater on a hill. The Wickham is off to Crookwell over Easter for some running. It will be a good opportunity to run in the overhauled engine. 

The VW was to be worked on and should have been in paint  but I suffered a pinched nerve in my back and was laid up for most of last week. So we will have to see what happens after Easter. There can't be any excuses for delays now, everything I need to complete the VW is sitting in the shed waiting for me.

Backup engine

The primary engine
I swear they are different :)

The Wisconsin bore, new 0.020" oversize piston, pin and rings
VW heads all shiny and (almost) new.

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  1. Looking forward to an update on your Goulburn weekend and the how the car went. Darren