Saturday, May 25, 2013

It runs!

Yes the engine runs...sort of. As suspected the original carburettor is not ideal for the job. It's the industrial engine version where you just set and forget the throttle. The problem we are having is flat spotting. So we are going to fit the automotive type carb.

I picked up a brand new carb off eBay, should be here in a week.

Had a little trouble fitting the clutch housing back on, at some point something has changed, either different clutch plate or different release bearing but when all assembled the release bearing was jammed up tight between the bearing carrier and clutch plate, making the clutch slip. Some one had a go at rectifying it by putting spacing washers between the engine case and clutch housing but it still didn't allow enough clearance. The bearing carrier is a separately machined part of the clutch housing so some 6mm spacers were made to space the carrier further out. The release bearing now has room to move. If this modification wasn't done, as the clutch wears it would have started to slip and compound the problem.

The clutch housing holds the starter so it was fitted so the engine can be started on the bench.

All new hanger pins for the suspension have been made. These are 1/2" rod and new threads cut into them. The brake linkages were welded up, ground flat and re drilled, threads were cleaned up as well.

The hard wood blocks that the engine is mounted to were made to replace the rotten ones.

The frame is all painted and moved back into the shed awaiting reassembly. Oddly the engine will be the first thing to go back in then the axles and gearbox.

Engine mounting blocks

Engine all together

Frame Painted

New suspension bolts

Re-made brake linkages

The new bolts that are going into the VW

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