Sunday, September 1, 2013

For one brief moment... was all together. For 30 minutes anyway.

The timber work was finished and an all new shield made.

Slight changes were made with the timber work. Originally the running boards had 3 access hatches, 2 on the left for the battery and engine valve cover and 1 on the right for the other valve cover. The left side hatches were made to be one piece. The other change was the top deck had 2 hatches and now just has one.  The changes were made for simplicity and improve rigidity of the timber work.

The top deck the had a giant hole cut into it to fit the modified control panel. There are a several more switches being used including a key ignition. The auxiliary board that was on the VW when I bought it has been deleted.

I found a couple of headlights on eBay. They are replacement headlights for a Fordson tractor and are the old fashion deep bucket type, very similar to what the railway used for all trikes. These accommodate halogen globes and parking light bulbs. The latter will have red LEDs and act as tail lights. New brackets were made to fit these lamps. A beacon pole has been made to bolt on the rear of the VW.

The shield frame was made from 25mm x 3mm angle iron and the sheet metal 1.5mm. I welded up the frame and took it to a local fabricator to have the 'sweep back' bent into the sheet metal and cut to size. I then welded all around the sheet metal to the frame and ground the seems to make it all look one piece. It turned out rather good.

A new aluminium fuel tank is being made. The old galvanised one will be good for a shower head.

A week or so ago a box of electrical goodies turned up from Jaycar.

This weekend the timber has been sanded and ready for primer. Brackets were made for the throttle cable on the control panel and carburettor and fitted the cable.

Another modifications we made was the remote operation of the direction changer. Originally there is no provision to change direction without getting off and walking around the front. So we had an idea to add another lever next to the clutch pedal.

 I'm on holiday for the next 4 weeks during this time the remainder of the painting will be done and final assembly. I'm looking forward to a friend coming up and staying for a week. His help should speed things up. Who knows, it might get to a point it can be fired up.

Right hand side running boards
Control Panel
Shield frame

Fitting the sheet metal

A big hole for the control panel

12 volt accessory sockets

That 30 mins the VW was together

Beacon pole

Remote direction lever and clutch pedal

The sliced up left running boards and hatch

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