Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slow and steady

Lost a weeks worth of work due to the flu, pretty sure it wasn't just me that was down for the count, a lot of friend also were struck down. Probably a blessing, money has been tight with many bills that come around this time of year.

Since last update all the hubs and wheel went back on, gauged and aligned. This part of the job was easier than the Wickham, not that there is any difference in mounting the hubs but a different approach was used. As mentioned in the last post there is a brass bush in the left rear hub. This bush can not be adjusted on the axle tapper, too loose and it will slip, too tight and you risk distorting the brass bush and jamming the hub. Once the LR hub and wheel was fitted on went the LF hub and wheel. Using a 7' straight edge placed across the face of the rear wheel, we tightened up the front hub until the face of the front wheel was parallel with the rear. The right hand side was just a matter of measuring the face to face of the wheels.

The wheels are made by Tamper, they are the same as 16" Fairmont wheels. Using Fairmont's standards for an ST2, the VW being close to the size and weight of one, the face to face measurement worked out to 1594mm or 62-3/4". This leaves an 1/8" inch play in the wheel gauge. Fairmont allow up to 1/4".

The brake rigging is back on, not adjusted yet, it will be one of the last jobs. The control panel has to go back on so the brake lever ratchet will align. New hardwood brake blocks where made, the old one were just to far gone. The pins are cut down 1/2" bolts.

New angle iron has been purchased for the running boards and shield frame. The angle runs around the edge of the running boards to give support and protect the timber from the workers jumping on and off and tools thrown on it. The shield frame is yet to be started.

Speaking of running boards, they are back on and so are the side, the top deck is cut out ready to be lined up and bolted down. The running boards will have hatched cut into them for access to the valve covers on the VW engine and on the left side the battery cradle.

The next jobs are to fit everything that is left to put on, rebuild the shield, fit it, then take it all off again for painting. It's starting to look like a trike again.

Left side wheels and brakes

Right side

Right running board and angle iron boarder

The engine being closed in

The top deck. The middle section is the part that will be hinged to flip up.

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