Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Double yikes!! It's been over 2 years

I won't say time has flown as I have been aware I haven't updated this blog for some time. The reason, Facebook is easier to use. FACEBOOK LINK

Since the last post, our collection has grown. We now have two ex-Queensland Rail 3'6" cars, An M15 and ST2. The opportunity and the price was right to add them to the collection. A planned membership with ASSCO is in the works.

Three NSW trikes were added. ST2 Fairmont from the eastern suburbs line, another Type 4 Wickham and another VW DHD. The latter 2 purchased at auction from the Canberra Railway Museum. 

The other big news is the NSWGR Trikes was engaged by Sydney Trains to cosmetically restore 7 trikes for display at their new Clyde Headquarters. We are half way through this project, involved are 3 LGT trailers, Wickham, SIC, ST2 and a manual pull lamp trike.

Lastly, our website is defunct. The service provider stopped using the sub-domain. The site is still available but with a new address. If you have links or bookmarked the site you'll need to update it. Eventually a proper site will be setup, when I get around to it.

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