Sunday, March 9, 2014

What the VW has been up to

While waiting for a green light to run trikes again the VW has been to a couple of displays to promote the Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway. It's first outing was the Wagga model railway show in November last year.

More recently it was taken to Crookwell for display along with Wickham 526. The first time these two met despite having the VW for over a year. 526 is still out of service with a rear axle problem.

The newly built tandem trailer had to be chopped up to safely accommodate both trikes. Not that they didn't fit, it was about weight distribution. The Wisconsin engine in the Wickham is a heavy animal and made the trailer back heavy. The front of the trailer was cut out and moved to bring the front loaded VW forward, the rear loaded Wickham was then moved to a position that balanced the trikes on the trailer with still enough weight on the car (around 10%).

The tie-down chains were ditched for using the towing points on the trikes. All that is required now is to roll the trikes on and drop pins in the coupling to secure them. A removable bar was fitted between the loaded trikes to prevent collision and share the stresses of the trikes moving around. The trailer has no tailgate so just as a precaution a safety chain was attached to the Wickham.

The mods must have worked because I use less fuel and maintained a higher average speed that just taking the VW alone.

Both trike loaded. The sheet is to help protect the VW while towing

You can see the front of the trailer moved forward 250mm and how the trikes are secured.

The removable bar between the trikes. 

Crookwell held it's annual Potato Festival on March 1st and the GCHR had a display of trikes in the station car park. Unfortunately we all got rained out and chased the crowds away.

Crookwell Railway Station car park

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